Create a safe and friendly environment for your new puppy by following
this simple Checklist

your Home

Make sure all poisonous household items are securely stored out
of puppy’s reach.

Move or remove any poisonous plants.

Look at your house from a puppy’s point of view and remove
any hazardous items

Make transition easy for your new puppy
with these helpful tips:

The First few

Decide in a name and use it consistently

Limit visitors for the first few days

Keep your puppy in your line of sight at all times for his/her safety and to
establish correct behavior.

Never disturb a sleeping puppy!

Teach your family the proper way to handle/hold a puppy by placing one
hand under the hindquarters and the other hand under the chest.

Never pick up a puppy by the front paws or the scruff of the neck.

Do not leave a new puppy unattended with very small children or other
family pets until you are SURE everyone is ready.

There are certain things your puppy will need from day one,
so it’s best to purchase these items in advance, if possible

Supplies You
Will Need

Slicker Brush & Comb

Nutrical High Calorie substance

Nutri Source  ~  Puppy ~  ( Small Breed )

Collar & Leash

Safe, Appropriate toys (As a general rule, If the toy can fit comfortably in a
puppy’s mouth, Its to small!!!

Crate or Sleeping Bed

Puppy / Baby Gates


Feed your puppy the same food, at the same time EVERYDAY. Very Young
puppies (Six to Eight Weeks) SHOULD be free fed all DAY Fresh Drinking water
should be available at ALL times!

Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. By feeding a complete
and Balance nutrition now, you can impact your dog’s life~long health.

We Feed Nutri Source  ( Small Breed Puppy & Adult )  ……..

You can order some of this food through this website:
where to buy
Nutri Source Dog Food