Our Guarantee
We offer a written, a one-year puppy replacement guarantee against any life-threatening inherited genetic issues. By sending us a
written proof from the Vet that, the purchased Puppy has any life threatening issues,
 A REPLACEMENT  to the  purchase puppy
or  dog  from Sweet Dream Pomeranian’s will be provided to replace said puppy,  you agree to the terms and conditions listed in our
Guarantee and sales contract.

That does not mean that we guaranteed :
Broken Legs ~       Induce after sale, due to a accident.

~Baby TeethYour Puppy will  maybe retain Baby Teeth  This is a very common in toy breeds. All of my babies that have had
done this, they have needed to be removed by a vet in the case that they did not fall out on their own.  If they are not removed it can
mess up their bite.  But, don’t get into to much of a hurry I give them every opportunity for them to fall out on their own. I usually
don’t worry about it until they are between 8 to 12 months of age. By then you will need to seek a Veterinarian to help you.

~ Hypoglycemia ~   Hypoglycimia or low blood sugar is a common with all toy breeds. Veterinarians unfamiliar with toys often
mis-diagnose the condition as viral hepatitis or encephalitis.  As a toy dog pet owner or a breeder, it is important to recognize the
symptoms of HYPOGLYCEMIA & know how to treat it.  In it early stages Hypoglycimia is easily treatable, but fatal if allowed to
progress. Many puppies are lost needlessly to Hypoglycimia because of ignorance on the part of their owner or Vet.

If you notice that your puppy is becoming listless, or laying on his or her side and acting unresponsive IMMEDIATELY rub
 or ( Corn Syrup)  on his or her gums, under the tongue,  and on the roof of the mouth.  Slowly warm him or her to normal
body temperature with a heating pad set on LOW.  Feed the puppy as soon as the puppy starts to respond, some caned puppy food,
baby Gerber ( Rice & Chicken, Ham, or Beef & Veg)  Call your vet if the puppy dose not respond quickly.

This procedure should work rapidly with in 10 to 20 minutes.

Just because your puppy or dog has one episode of Hypolgycimia does not mean that he/she is truly Hypoglycimic. They can have
one episode and never have one again.  “BUT” if this repeats itself again and again, you should have your vet preform tests…

We reserve the right to terminate a contract of sale if the conditions of the contract are not met. We reserve the right to refuse or
revoke a sale at any time if we feel that the placement is not in the best interest of the puppy or dog.

If you are no longer able to assume responsibility for your Sweet Dream Pomeranian Puppy or Pomeranian, we will be more than
happy to take the puppy or Pomeranian back and find a suitable home for it.

We do not want any of our babies ending up in a shelter or pound!

If you have any questions regarding our Guaranteed or
warranty on our puppies feel free to email me