Hello, My name is Lucy Zambrano,

I would like to tell you a little about my self and how I was introduced to this breed: The Pomeranians.

When I was 11 years old, I went to Pets Mart in Palos Verde, CA. I had seen a lady from the Philippines
holding a beautiful Orange Sable Pomeranian in her arms and I asked her ” What kind of dog is that”?
She replied that it was a Pomeranian. I was in LOVE & HOOKED at first sight with this breed!!!!

I had never seen one in my life, because we did not go out to places, I was only 11 years old…

Well that is when I said to myself, ” One day I will have one of my own!”  we could never have
any dogs when I was young, due to the fact that we always lived  in apartments buildings that had

Well, when I was 20, I got married to my husband, & I thought that maybe I could get one now?
BUT the same,  I still had to wait to get one because of where we lived, ” The Apartment Buildings

My husband said to me, “Just wait till we get our own house”.

Well in 1997, we moved to Hesperia CA,  And we bought our first and only home. After moving in, 3 months later, I was in the search for a
Pomeranian dog I looked and looked, but to be truthful I did not know what I was looking for as to a breed standard ???

I went through the LA times, The Penny Saver, The Daily Press in Victorville CA  found a few But I saw the price of the Pomeranian’s
( They were to High in price ).

I did not know what I was looking for,  I didn’t know about The Quality  & the
 Breed Standard of these beautiful Pomeranian’s, & why they were
so high in price?          And as the saying goes:

”  You Get What You Pay For 

I had found a Pomeranian in the Penny Saver in our town, that was being advertised for $75.00, sure enough I went to go get him, The dogs
name was Tommy.  He was only 3 years old & had been neutered. But I did not care because all I wanted was a Pomeranian, not caring about
what he looked like, at the time of me buying him. The lady that sold him to me,  told me that he was out of coat because it was summer time &
that it will grow back in a couple of months…………

Well I waited, waited, and waited for his coat to come in and it got to 6 Months of me waiting,
Then to a  year after I had gotten him & I never saw a nice thick coat on him, his coat was so
soft & flat that it part in the middle on his back; So Tommy was a poor quality Pomeranian that
was 9 pounds, with a flat silky, thin coat & a foxy face……..

“BUT” Still I did not care because I loved him. His personality and attitude towards my kids
was AWESOME!!!!!! Tommy showed me that dogs are a man’s best friend!!!!!

I then started my search for another Pomeranian, I bought my second Pom from a breeder in
Lake Perris, CA out of Falcon Crest Pomeranians. I paid him $200.00 for this beautiful
Orange Sable color Pom in 1998,  the breeder sold him to me with full AKC breeding rights,
but still once again; I did not know about quality &  Paper work on any dog. He was A beautiful
puppy that was ONLY 3  pounds at 8 weeks of age. The dog was awesome in coat & bone
structure, but ended up being HUGE 14 pounds at full grown!  We named  him Yogi Bear
because he looked like Yogi the bear & because of his size!!!

Yogi was my first Stud dog. I even placed a add in the news paper  for his stud service
when he became of age for breeding, but when I got people that came to see him for his
services, They would back out because of his size!!! And I was wondering about his qualities
& size after that, because in my eyes he was beyond beautiful!

So their again I went out to search for another one(A female~ Kentaza ) This time,  I bought
a female to match  my little Yogi bear & I found her ( A Perfect match) for Yogi, we purchased
her from A breeder in Riverside CA, ” Pombreden Pomeranians”

The female was A white girl ( 18 Pounds) with a beautiful temperament and a beautiful
pedigree with all white breeding in her linage, she had a awesome really white coat and a
good pigmentation, she produced me HUGE litters of 6 puppies in a litter, with Yogi.  So I
bred my first pair not knowing anything about the breed standard.

Then later in the year I went to my first DOG SHOW in 1998 for the Apple  Valley Kennel club and I saw the beautiful creatures that were
showing in the ring at the time & I was More In Love with these little creatures….

That is when I noticed that what I was doing was not the right thing in breeding the right size dog for the breed standard.  What I saw that
morning is what I really wanted!! So I placed an ad again & I ended placing The male ” Yogi”  in pet home.

During that time, I met a lady in Hesperia CA in my town, That had a kennel with 3 different toy breeds I met her when she groomed Yogi for
me before I placed him out; She told me how beautiful Yogi was but that he was to big, for any breeding program, she even told me that she
wished that she had a shrink ray gun to make him smaller because he was so beautiful ( I thought so too) so she gave me her number so I can
meet her & her dogs.

I waited at least 2 weeks before I met her and her precious babies & when I did OMG! I fell in Love with the breed even more, Specially with
one of her favorite little Poms she had a male named ” Bad O’L Doc Holiday AKA Doc”  

Her & I became really good friends , She taught me about the standard and showed me how to read Pedigrees &  how to match a breeding,
she also told me about Qualities/ Confirmation  and what to look for in a Pomeranian before we breed; like Color, Coat Textures, Head Shape,
Sizes, & Body Styles  to these beautiful creatures, she also taught me how to groom my own dogs so that  I did not have to pay a groomer to do
it for me anymore.

One day we both went out to buy Poms & She showed me to buy really nice Quality Pomeranians, That is what started my kennel.

Now that I am hooked on this breed, For sure I am learning more & more about this breed as time goes by,  you will never stop learning as
long as you own a dog/ or a Pomeranian. I was going to Dog Shows in Southern California, but one thing lead to another, So I will soon Start to
go once again to proceed into my GOALS & DREAMS of producing my very own Bred By Champion bloodlines ………………….

                                                              That is one of my DREAMS TO COME TRUE!!!!

My goal in life is to be as a good of a person as my dog already thinks I am!