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April 3, 2021

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AKC Inspected and Found in
Complete Compliance!

What is  AKC Registration ?
Our breeding dogs are all AKC (American Kennel Clubregistered.  Although there are many other registries availble, we feel that the AKC fits our standard
the best. Our puppies come from champion lines and healthy bloodlines.  If you would like more  information on any available puppies, please email or call.   
Pet puppies are sold with limited  AKC registration and are expected to be spayed or  neutered by the time they are 6 months of age. Limited AKC
registration  applications will be released after the proof of spay or neuter by a licensed Veterinarian has been received. Our babies are placed in loving pet
homes only!  

Breeding quality  (  FULL  AKC Registration)

Show  Prospects/ Quality (FULL  AKC Registration)

When you email me I would like to know a little about you,  your family, where you live, how many pets/dogs you have, and if you have
a fenced in yard, and what is the purpose of your interest in one of our puppies.  Tell  us what color or if you would like a male or a female.

Vaccinations & Worming
All of our Pomeranian Puppies come with 1 or at least 2 sets of vaccinations.   The Vaccine schedule starts when they are at least 8 weeks of
age.  If the puppy is too small we will start them at 12 weeks.   Vaccines consist of a 5 in one:
Canine Distemper~ Adenovirus Type2~Parainfluenza~ Parvovirus Vaccine…

All puppies start their worming schedule at 2 weeks of age starting with Panacur/ Safe Guard,   4 weeks with Drontol puppy, and then at 6 weeks  with Nimex 2.


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Feel free to call  or text me at any
(760) 617-4674
Last Up-date
April 3, 2021

For your consideration
These are puppies that are available now
It takes time and devotion to produce really nice quality, and healthy babies,
you know a quality puppy when you see one, that is why you are on our website,
so please don’t ask us what is our “best price”,  our best price is posted with the puppy

Our Puppies Are Vet Check by 6 weeks of age prior going up for sale

Available Puppies
This is what we have Available Now
All of our Babies ARE Vet Checked before going to their new homes
Vaccines and worming are up to dates As well

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Text:  760-617-4674

This is what We Have Now!
If not Marked SOLD They are Available
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Sweet Dream Pomeranians

We have Puppies Available 

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I have other friends that have Pomeranian puppies & Adults that  are ready for their new homes,
Tell me what you like & I might be able to help you find the Puppy or Adult Pomeranian of your Dreams
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