Hi Lucy,
Little "Duke" is doing great! I named him Winston after sir Winston Churchill. He
has enjoyed playing with the other Pomeranian and fits in great. He is so full of
energy every day and always prancing around. I attached a picture of him and I
on New Years Eve. Thanks again for the great puppy. He is a sweetheart. When
he gets full grown, I will send an update. He is now 3.2 lbs and slowly growing.
Looks like he is going to stay small and I am SOOOO excited about that. I
definitely learned you get what you pay for with
Pomeranian's.  I have gone through much trial and
error just like you have had with buying poms and I
am so glad I found what I was looking for. He has
had the best temperament out of any pom I have
owned. He is such a sweetheart.

Thanks again and I will keep in touch. Autumn ~ Destin Florida
Hi Lucy,
Odin is doing beautifully.  He lights up any room that he is in.
I think all of Santa Cruz will have a Pom from you in the next year.  :)  He is such a smart
little guy and brings in tons of love to myself, my family and friends.  I have been spoiling
him a bit as he comes with me to restaurants, work, and parties.  I can’t help it-I don’t
want to leave him at home! He gives me the sweetest kisses and only has accidents    
when he is annoyed with me from  lack of attention!   

Thank you again for this beautiful gift  you
have brought into my life.
Lisa ~ Santa Cruz  California
Hi Lucy,

Just wanted to thank you so much for the
wonderful Dog you place with us, He is a
Total Beauty ! And we LOVE him so MUCH!!!

Just wanted to thank you
for sending us this little
Gem to us ...

Thanks from Diana  Vallarta Mexico
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Hi Lucy,
Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our little girl, Bella.  She was the  
picture of health when we checked her out with our vet.  She has a little ear infection
right now, but it doesn't stop this little powerhouse.  Her personality is vivacious and
curious and she has stolen all our hearts.  Thank you for your honesty in dealing
with us about your  poms and for your dedication to this breed.  I will
recommend                                                       you highly to others.  Here is a picture of
our family                                                             with our new baby.  
                           Happy Thanksgiving!!

                             Nina P.  Corona CA.
Dear Lucy,
Thank you so much for our one of a kind little baby Chanel. She is everything that we
were looking for. Her personality is just outrageous and fun, well-behaved and mellow,
and just an overall poof-ball that we adore. She puts a smile on our faces every time
we look at her! It was well worth the last minute 7 hour drive we did to pick her up.  
Chanel is spoiled rotten and we take her everywhere we go.                                                  
Sooner or later, you will get another call from us asking for                                                    
another one! Thank you so much for our beautiful Pomeranian.

Athina & Toan
San Jose CA
Hi Lucy...
She is absolutely perfect.  She is sooooo happy and has so much spunk.  She is
eating well and jumps around like a little rabbit.  We could not be happier with
her.  Thank you so much Lucy for my perfect Christmas Gift. When we decide
someday that we can get another Pomeranian I will definitely let you know.  

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Northern Ca
Hi Lucy,

Thank you very much for sending
me such a nice little guy, our little
Dream catcher, such a nice little
parti color. We hope he will have
nice results on shows to illustrate
how nice are your puppies , and
your great breeder work. Dream
catcher is really well socialised
and is a very pleasant character
and hopefully will bring all these
qualities to our starting pom
kennel, and make all our dreams
come true...
Evelyne from France !
Des muses Du Haut Forez

We just wanted to send a few pictures to show
you our “Little Bear.” He is thriving in his new
home here in Las Vegas. He is vivacious and
outgoing and everyone loves him! Although his
trip from,  Hesperia to
Las Vegas was a little frightening for him, he’s
adjusted well and is acclimating himself nicely to
his new environment. Thanks for providing us
with a wonderful addition to our family.

Mr. & Mrs, Scott and Family
Las Vegas Nevada
This page is for me to share, how happy the new owners are with their new bundle of JOY,
that they have purchased from Sweet Dream Pomeranians!
Hi Lucy,

As promised, attached is our latest family portrait.  We named our newest addition
Bailey.  She imme-diately warmed up to Guinness and the two have been getting along
well.  They are always chasing each other around.  In two weeks, she’s already grown
a lot.
Mr. & Mrs, Anderson
& Family
San Diego,  CA
New Parents
Dear Lucy,
Thank you for 3 of the most precious gifts. We have a history of 6 years now, and 3
dogs later, we couldn't be happier. First there is Lily, she is our little princess, very
spoiled and truly the most special. Then we purchased Zeke. He is such a joy, great
disposition, handsome, and full of energy. And finally GiGi. Our little ball of energy.
She has the most amazing coloring and so gentle and loving.
We are so thankful that we found you. You have given us such good advice about our
dogs, and have always been there to answer questions that we have. You are a
honest-caring breeder, and now friend to us.
We look forward to our next little one in the future. We couldn't be happier with our
dogs, thank you.
Justine and Mark Van Wyen
Lily, Zeke, and GiGi
from New York
Our little Chloe is doing fine I will send you some more pictures of her, she is soooo
beautiful, brat, and we LOVE her so.  What state did you say her mother was from
just wondering where she has roots?  She looks a lot like her daddy, she is very
creamy color on her head  and back.  She make us laugh
she has double teeth like Maggie did.  She learns very fast.  
Thank You So Much for allowing us to get her.  Have a
Blessed Thanksgiving we have so much to be thankful for
and mostly our salvation and our Lord in Heaven,
Love Ya Linda
From Lancaster California

Just a moment to tell you how Oscar is doing,   I was the one who wanted to return
the dog.  He is really a sweet guy.
He is doing well and we have had him
for about two years now.  
I'm sending you a picture of him.  
He's a lot of love!
Diane Rodriquez
Fullerton CA
Hello Lucy,

Here is the picture of me and Jackson.  He is such a doll.  He is the King of the House!  
Thank you so much again.  

Keep in touch!  

Have a Great Weekend!  Stay Cool!  

Jessica Spencer
Covina CA
Pictures  coming soon!
Dear Lucy aka "The Pomeranian Whisperer",
I wanted you to know how you have touched our lives with Cody (Cruiser).  When my first Cody died at
16 I was devastated.  I cried everyday.  I felt so empty.  I purchased my black and tan Pom puppy
from Nebraska and was so disappointed.  At that point I was pretty  heartbroken because my black and
tan  Pom puppy was so very hyper and crazy.  I couldn't bond with him (Bentley).  I had gotten a hold
of you on the phone and you listened carefully and you suggested that I come over to your home for a
visit.  You also suggested bringing the wild one (Bentley) so you could take a look at him.
You were awesome to me and had a wonderful outlook for Bentley.  Then you had your lovely daughter
bring out Cruiser, I believe it was love at first sight.  I just started kissing Cody (Cruiser) and I still can't
stop today!  Cody has brought such love, peace and tenderness to our home.  We are completely
bonded and committed to his life and well being.  Cody (Cruiser) is extremely special part of our family
and we love him deeply!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH  for your wisdom, your extreme knowledge of
Pomeranians and your kindness.  YOU are the POMERANIAN WHISPERER!!!
I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to purchase a Pomeranian.  As a matter of fact I insist that  
they contact you because they need not go to anyone else.  No one would ever be disappointed with any
one of your beautiful Pomeranians!
With Love,
" Linda Lela "
This is the pictures of Milo and Sky that i purchase them from you.
Both of them are so gorgeous. They love to play with all the toys in the house....and they so enjoy to
play together ! My kennel in Hebrew Is called "Halom Matok".... In translation to English is "sweet
dream" That means you and i had named the same names for our kennels !!!!
It was accidental and interesting to do that !
I am very, very happy that I bought the 2 puppies
from you. I thank you very much for everything...
what you have done for me !!

Best regards,
Evgeniya  In Israel
Ever since I was little I always wanted a white Pom. I first saw one at Santa
Monica and it was like love in first sight. But that was before I met my  exotic
silver Merle 'Mochi'. Through him I learned Merle exists in Poms and he is beyond
what I expected in Pom!
                                    Thanks Lucy for breeding such beautiful creature!!
                                    Even my dad fell in love with him and he says his
                                    next dog ( right now he has a 8years
old                                                                               ( Dachshund ) is a Pom.
                                    Thanks again for the beautiful dog Lucy !!

                                   -Eun -  From Pasadena CA
Thank you so much for our Django! When we took him to the vet
for his health check he said he was extremely healthy, especially
his knees. He said we really did our research, and it's all because of
the detailed and extremely useful information you include on your
website! He has picked up on training fairly well and his
temperament and personality are perfect. We could not have
asked for a better puppy. Thank you for breeding such amazing
quality Pomeranians. We will definitely re commend Sweet Dream
Poms to anyone interested in finding a new friend.

Thank you!
Rachel and Nick -  From Torrence CA
He's a very well behaved "lover boy".
He's such a joy to all of us!

Thank you!
Frances -  From Menafee CA
Thank you so much for our wonderful little Mowgli! He is the cutest sweetest puppy ever.
Mowgli seriously has the best temperament and is so fun and playful. He gets along so well
with children, it's like he almost knows they are kids. He loves all the other dogs in our
neighborhood and is becoming so popular on facebook with his own page. You did an
amazing job breeding such a wonderful, gorgeous dog. Mowgli is now training to become a
therapy dog, as I am a therapist and will using him to help children become comfortable when
working with me. I was so touched that you were willing to wait to let us pick him out of the
litter first since our original time to meet up didn't work. I could tell then that you really cared
who your poms went home with. Thank you again, he is the perfect addition to our family, he
makes my heart full.
~Betsy and Tommy
Burbank, CA
Dearest Lucy,
Thank you ever so much for our little princess
Isis orion, as she is the sweetest, loveable, easy
going special little girl . She is a dream come
true, never cries, and always has a kiss to give.
Even her first night here was a breeze, it was
just like she had always belonged here. My
husband Robert just adores her too! She is
absolutely delightful and a real joy to have ; in
fact all our friends think she is the cutest little
baby they have ever seen! Also just like you
said she loves playing in a big bowl of water,
looks like its going to be a really fun summer.
Again thank you for everything and it was a
great pleasure getting to know you.♡
Robert &Tanya Morse

San Juan Caspristano California
Lucy was such a delight to work with! She sent us tons of pictures
and videos and happily answered all of our questions. She kept us
updated while we we waiting for our baby to be available. Our girl is
absolutely perfect, both physically and socially. She was clearly
loved. Her coat is incredible and she has that perfect Pom smiling
face. She is an absolute angel. She came to us healthy and well
socialized. Lucy gave us lots of tips on how to best care for her
breed, which I found to be really helpful.

Lucy clearly loves her dogs and takes wonderful care of them!
We renamed Juliet "Felicity" and she is such a joy! We love her to

Thank you again!