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Las Vegas NV
San Diego CA
Baltimore Maryland
Puebla Mexico
Cupertino CA
Poway CA
Las Vegas NV
Seattle WA
De Altonaga Family - Las Vegas NV
Apple Valley CA
Maria - Las Vegas NV
Walnut Creek CA
Northern CA
Long Beach CA
San Fransisco CA
Culver City  CA
Orange CA
Tehapachi CA
Vallarta Mexico
New York
Palos Verdes CA
Puebla Mexico
Maria, Mr. & Mrs Altonaga Family are very Special, These
three people are and will be always in my Heart!

Maria Has done rescue in  Pomeraninan's for so many years,
She drives from Las Vegas 3 hours away, to help me place all
these wonderful Poms that are looking for the SPECIAL home
to retire, or just simply need to be rescue,  I want to THANK
YOU MARIA for your commitment with these beautiful

Mr. & Mrs Altonaga, are both such SWEET HEARTS! They too
Help Maria when she is at work babysitting these beautiful
babies, And giving them the LOVE they need & deserve..

Maria has Spayed and Neutered all the POMs you see in these
pictures, and has provided them the BEST home EVER

Thank you ALL for all your help!
Paris France
Houston TX
San Jose  CA
Just below are some of the Happy New Parents that has purchased some of our Pomeranian Babies