Here you will see how I litter train our puppies, I am still training my puppies and dogs to be
litter trained, be patient with your puppy! Send me a text and I will forward you Videos on
how to Litter train your baby, It is as easy as 1~2~3
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1) Establish a routine and stick to it! Take your puppy out first thing in the morning, the thing at night with in 15 minutes after he/she

2) Until your puppy is trained, keep a constant eye on him/her and prevent accidents before they happen.

3) Crate~Train your puppy . As a general rule, your puppy can safely be left in a crate the number of hour that equalhis/hers age plus

4) Designate a potty area. Train your puppy to use this designated space by consistently taking him/her there and using a command  
like "Go Potty".

5) Correct your puppy's mistakes only when you catch him/her in the act. With a firm   "NO"!  Pick up your puppy and take him/her to
the designated area.

Accidents will happen, so remember to be patient!
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This is one of the most important training efforts you'll ever make
But it does not have to be difficult.
I recommend these 5 steps
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